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Safety flooring to wetroom – east grinstead

Safety flooring to a wet room east grinstead. This was a replacement Altro Marine safety floor as the original one had failed. The existing vinyl flooring and wcs were removed. A 3 mmm latex was applied one day and the following day the safety flooring was fitted. All hot welding of the seams and upstands […]

Herringbone Wood Flooring – Kings Ave Redhill

Herringbone wood flooring – Redhill The existing carpets, underlay and skirting boards were removed. Latex was applied to the concrete subfloor to smooth out any dips. The following day the main center area of wood block was stuck and  fitted. This continued for a further 2 days to fully complete with new skirting’s to finish. […]

Stripey Wool Carpets – King Ave Redhill

Stripey wool carpets – Redhill 2 staircases in a lovely cottage with new stripey carpets fitted. The existing carpets and underlay were removed. New underlay and woolen carpets were installed. As the stairs were straight with no winders or kites the time to complete was approx half a day per staircase.

Amtico Signature – Horley

Amtico Signature Luxury Vinyl Tiles LVT’S – Lounge In Horley The ply boarding had already been fitted by the customers own builders. The ply was 8×4 3/4 inch thick and was screwed to the floor boards. The screws heads were all deep enough for us to fill. Feather finish was applied to the ply flooring […]

Cusion Vinyl Flooring South Nutfield

Cushion Vinyl Flooring – South Nutfield This was an very tricky shape room as the vinyl had to go through a door to another area in one piece. We removed all 5 white goods into other rooms of the house. The existing vinyl flooring was removed and feather finish applied to the joints.

Carpets to Lounge And Dinner – Merstham

Carpets to a lounge and dining room – Merstham To one of my dearer friends Angie who was an absolute pleasure to work for.  We moved all furniture to the other room and removed the old carpets and underlay with new.  One piece of carpet was laid through one room into another. There were no […]

Natural Carpets Clarence Walk Redhill

80-20 twist pile wool carpet laid to stairs and landing – Redhill The existing underlay was good enough to be re used. The old carpets had been removed by the customer. Walls and skirting boards were already painted and well dry. The new carpets were fitted in just over 1/2 a day.

Wet room safety flooring – Crawley

Wet Room Walk In Shower – Crawley This job originally had the same flooring fitted but badly. There were numerous holes were water was seeping through to the sub floor which made the vinyl bubble and smell. This area was cut out and the safety flooring was removed. The sub floor had to dry out before […]