Carpet stair runner

carpet stair runner redhill


carpet stair runner

Carpet stair runner – Redhill

This staircase had no existing floor coverings fitted when we arrived. The Customer asked if we could fit a carpet runner with minimal fixtures so that not to damage the existing oak staircase. This was quite a task considering that gripper is usually nailed and carpet underlay is usually stapled. The end result was very nice indeed. No more slippy stairs!

Desktop Linoleum – Fitted Reigate

desktop linoleum

desktop linoleum set in an oiled oak surface

Desktop Linoleum.

First we had to get a piece of oak work surface rebated with a shape the thickness of the linoleum. This was achieved using a cnc mill. The surface was then filled and smoothed ready to install the linoleum. Contact adhesive was used to stick the linoleum it was cut using under and overs.

Come and visit our showroom where you can see the finished look. You will also find linoleum installed in McDonalds restaurants tables and counter-tops. All in all linoleum is a very versatile natural flooring. Free linoleum – marmoleum samples can be ordered through our parent website or you can visit our shop at 47 Somerset Road, Redhill, Surrey, RH1 6LT