Solid wood flooring strapped together

Solid Wood flooring – Redhill

Solid wood flooring on stairs

Engineered wood flooring laid to our showroom – Redhill

We used v4 wood to cover our existing floor boards and it gave a really great finish.  The joints of the wood planks had tongue and grooves which were stuck together. The underlay was made up with crumb rubber to give the wood a nice dead sound when walking on it. Straps were used to hold the rows together while the glue was drying. Three steps and stringers were also covered with wood and finished with matching nosings.

Overall a very nice wood to lay with a great deal of matching accessories.

carpet bull nose

100% Wool Pinstripe Carpets – Redhill

Carpet on Landing Carpet on Stairs Carpet on Stairs

100% Wool Natural Carpets – Laid To Stairs And Hall Redhill.

This pinstripe carpet made of 100% wool was installed to a hall stairs and landing in Redhill. All existing carpets and underlay were removed and replaced with new.

St Peters and St Pauls School Classroom

St Peters and St Pauls School Classroom

]St Peters and St Pauls School Classroom

St Peter And St Pauls School

Refurbishment  to classroom flooring. All floor coverings were removed with a stripper machine. There were 2 layers of old flooring to remove carpet stuck on linoleum. The floors were damp so we applied a damp proof membrane before latex was applied.

New linoleum flooring and hechmondwick stuck down carpet was used to create areas for the teacher and pupils.

Time to complete 2 days. Approx m2 linoleum  = 65m2

Amtico Spaci 18x18 Stone

Amtico Spacia 18×18 Stone – Redhill

Amtico Spaci 18x18 Stone

Amtico Spaci 18x18 Stone

Amtico Spacia 18×18 Stone laid to a kitchen in Redhill Surrey.

The kitchen had the existing carpets underlay and flooring taken up before we arrived. New 6mm ply boarding was laid and fixed with 15mm ring shank nails in 9 inch squares. Feather finish was laid over the ply to hide the hammer head marks and ply joints and allowed to dry. The following day the Amtico was fitted. Time to complete 2 days.

Carpets to communal reigate

Carpets to Communal Blocks – Reigate

Carpets to communal reigate Carpets to communal reigate Carpets to communal reigate

Man made carpets to a communal areas – Reigate

Another communal block with new carpets. Existing carpets and underlays were taken up and disposed of. The new carpets were stuck on a crumb rubber underlay which is firmer and more durable than domestic foam underlays. There is more sound reduction possible when using the ‘Dura’ fit system.

Front door mat wells were created with aluminum door edgings and coir matting was loose laid inside. This will help keep the main front door entrance carpets  cleaner in the winter time and help reduce the wear on the carpets.

Cushion Vinyl Flooring – Crawley

cushion vinyl flooring

Cushion vinyl footing laid to an ensuite in Crawley.

Existing carpets and underlay were removed. The sub floor was good enough to take the cushion flooring without any floor prep. New cushion flooring was overlaid and edges sealed with silicone.

Amtico spacia

Amtico Spacia Installed To A Hallway – Reigate

Floor prepared with feather finish

2 coats feather finish over ply boarding

Amtico spacia Amtico spacia

Amtico Spacia Wood Plank Flooring – Reigate

A hallway with new Amtico spacia. The existing underlay and carpets were removed and 6mm ply boarding overlaid. 2 coats of feather finish was applied to the ply to smooth out the joints and hammer marks. New Amtico spacia wood plank tiles were laid down the length of the hall.

Communal Carpets

Carpets to Communal Blocks Redhill

Communal Carpets

Communal Carpets

Nylon Carpets to  communal block Redhill

This block located in Redhill received new carpets through out. Total time to complete 2 days. The job included taking up existing carpets , underlay and gripper  all replaced with foam backed nylon carpet stuck down with flooring adhesive. New matwells were created for front door coir entrance matting.